2022 Schedule!

Show season is finally back in full swing! With newly lightened mandates/policies, we have booked space as vendors at the following shows in Ontario:

April 17 - Kitchener - ZR Retro Swap Meet*

April 24 - Barrie - Barrie Game Exchange

May 7 - Mississauga - Awesome Toy Show

May 15 - Woodstock - Toy & Collectibles

May 23 - Hamilton - CollectiCon

May 29 - Woodstock - Nostalgia

June 12 - Woodstock - Toy & Collectible

July 2 - Sault Ste. Marie - Nerdcon***

July 10 - Woodstock - Toy & Collectible

August 7 - Mississauga - Game X 4.0

October 2 - Niagara Falls - Video Game

* Shows we attend as a sponsor

*** Shows we attend as a special guest

You can find a wild assortment of items at all of these events. We sell far more than just games!

Our newest Bonus Box project is scheduled to release at the SSM Nerdcon event in July, more details will surface closer to the event!


Our Newest Release

We are pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the Steel City Nerd Con 2022 event! This year we have packaged together a limited number of Nintendo Wii U Brunswick Pro Bowling games! Each copy will include a ticket to the next Steel City Nerd Con, an official Brunswick Supreme Wrist Liner, a Bonus Box certificate and a sealed copy of the game itself all inside a box limited to 1000!

Online copies will be available the week AFTER the show!


Over 50% Sold Out!




We are pleased to announce that all of our online copies of Ninja Gaiden release for Nintendo Wii U has sold out!

A little over 200 copies were made for the Steel City NerdCon event in 2021!

Our next release will be out at this years 2022 NerdCon event and on this website the following week. Stay tuned in for more details!

This is Bonus Box Games.

We create collectible game bundles.

Our first project is ZombiU for the Nintendo Wii U. 1000 copies of the game were purchased alongside a custom piece of art commissioned by famous zombie artist Rob Sacchetto. Each copy includes a 5x7 print signed by Rob himself and a 11x14 poster for display. All games include a Bonus Box that is numbered /1000!