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Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Nintendo 64, 2000)

Will The Joker Have The Last Laugh?


A sleeker, deadlier Clown Prince of Crime is back from the past to terrorize Gotham City in Batman Beyond: The Return of The Joker. When The Joker's recent attacks nearly bring about the demise of the aging Bruce Wayne, it's up to you to help Batman avenge his mentor and send The Joker back to the bottom of the deck... forever.


S H.-Tech Batsuits Jump, punch, kick - even fly as you combat The Joker and his evil henchmen.


16 Action Packed Levels. Battle The Joker and his minions through the Gotham Space Center, The Joker's Candy Factory, the Batcave and more!


10 Incredible Gadgets. Wield the Magnetic Nun Chaku, Retractable Wings, the Dark Knight Discus and other devices.

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (Nintendo 64, 2000)

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