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Hexen: Beyond Heretic (Nintendo 64, 1997)

While you ware battling the evil forces of D'sparil, the other Serpent Riders were busy sowing the seeds of destruction in other dimensions. One such dimension is the decaying world where Hexen takes place. Only three humans - a warrior, a mage and a sleris - have escaped the leaders' vicious spell. Now these three brave souls have sworn to crush the evil regime that threatens to destroy the world forever.

Become one of 3 heroes. Wield superhuman powers and lethal weapons. Walk. Run. Fly. Look all around. Inflict serious pain Pillage your way through earthquakes, crumbling bridges and fog. Track down powerful artifacts and cast wicked spells. Four sick individuals can wreak havoc on a single TV screen simullariously.

Hexen: Beyond Heretic (Nintendo 64, 1997)

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