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Miami Nights: Singles in the City (Nintendo DS, 2008)
  • Based on the popular mobile franchise from GameLoft, Miami Nights: Singles in the City places gamers in the heart of Miami on a goal to become rich and famous as an actor, model, or singer. One of the few dating sims available for the DS, Singles in the City lets players explore more than 30 different locations throughout the chaotic and colorful cityscape of Miami, from restaurants, clubs, and bars, to museums, bookstores, and beaches. Everyday choices affect more than 40 attributes like kindness, charisma, and sex appeal, and keeping up with style, health, and personal hygiene can help players become fixtures in the Miami scene. However, making the wrong choices will boost characters' criminality rating and eventually land them in another of Miami's interesting locales: prison.

    Miami Nights: Singles in the City features more than 200 different customization options for each avatar, from clothing, to skin, to hair style and color, so players can create a miniature copy of themselves, or design a completely off-the-wall character. In the process of guiding their avatars around Miami, players will be able to meet, befriend, or make enemies with more than 40 unique characters. This can involve merely talking, but it also can travel down more romantic avenues like flirting and kissing, with each interaction having an effect on the player's superstar aspirations. Aside from exploration and character interaction, DS gamers are also treated to a number of touch-sensitive mini-games. Players can use the stylus to do mundane tasks like washing dishes and vacuuming, or perform more intriguing acts like massaging a date and being a club DJ. A wireless multi-card mode also lets players mingle with avatars created by their friends.

Miami Nights: Singles in the City (Nintendo DS, 2008)

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