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O.D.T.: Escape or Die Trying (Sony PlayStation, 1998)

Find yourself immersed in an atmosphere of mystery, magic and mayhem. Fight your way through incredible, multi-leveled, 3D worlds while searching for a magical, green pearl that will help save millions from decimation. With hand-to-hand combat, devastating weapon power and some amazing magic spells, ODT leads you deep into a mysterious tower full of hideous enemies and hidden dangers-it gets tough but there's no turning back!

  • 4 compelling characters to play, each with unique attributes including weapon control, magic ability, physical strength, and combat experience
  • 16 spells to learn and four deadly weapons
  • 70 sectors to explore, complete with unique ambience, traps and more than 40 enemies
  • Fast and intuitive gameplay giving a heightened sense of realism and continuous action

O.D.T.: Escape or Die Trying (Sony PlayStation, 1998)

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