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Wipeout 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2011)

Wipeout splashes down with another madcap contest as the hit series returns with more of TV's most outrageous obstacles. See if you can conquer more than 50 Wipeout challenges. Cringe, wince, and brace for impact as your on-screen character bonks into and off of devices and contraptions designed to send you flying in all directions. Take on classic Wipeout challenges including Big Balls and Sucker Punch Walls. Things get muddy in the summer stunts, while cold-weather obstacles covered with ice and snow create a true winter blunderland. Hosts John Anderson and John Henson provide the official commentary. The game gives your friends plenty of opportunity to add their own.

Characters Include:

01. Colin Edwards: This emo is tougher than he looks.
02. Lenexlinus_42: This nerd's chances of winning are astronomical.
03. Francis Maynard: Rainy rocker bringing grunge to Wipeout.
04. Jebidiah Shiner: This hillbilly was born and raised in the back of an alligator farm.
05. Angelica Belle: Suburban royalty. Can she be a Wipeout queen?
06. Agatha Wrinkles: This golden gal has 90 years of experience.
07. Jenny Sunflower: This sweeper tree hugger hopes the coarse practices nonviolence.
08. Tiffany Bannister: Does this cheerleader have the moves, and the brains.
09. John Anderson: This host is hoping to make the highest reel.
10. John Henson: This host will do whatever it takes for laugh, and a win.
11. Jill Wagner: This hostess is used to being down where the action is.
12. Matt Kunitz: Wipeout's producer needs a taste of his own medicine.
13. Dinky Ape: Descended vaguely from the legendary king of the jungle.
14. Hubert Pwaak: This chicken ain't fried yet.
15. YP-OUT 9000: Will this robot's magnetic personality attract a win?
16. Santa Claus: Let's find out if the Wipeout course is naughty or nice.
17. Bill Chinstrap: Straight from the South Pole, he isn't looking for fish.
18. Betty Moo: This cow's come home and she's bringing home the bacon.
19. Pitfall Harry: Returned from 1982 and ready for action!
20. Choose Random Character

Wipeout 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2011)

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