Nintendo Wii U - ZombiU Bonus Box

Nintendo Wii U - ZombiU Bonus Box


-Factory Sealed Game (NTSC)

-5x7 Signed Print

-11x14 Poster


Custom artwork designed and signed by Rob Sacchetto! Each copy is numbered /1000!


A great fan art piece to go along with any Wii U or Zombie collection!

  • Info:

    Our launch project here at Bonus Box Games just so happened to be a launch title here in North America for the Nintendo Wii U way back on November 18, 2012. This made ZombiU the perfect game to team up with artist Rob Sacchetto over at ZombiePortraits! We commissioned Rob to do a custom portrait of the original game artwork, with 1000 posters and signed 5x7 prints. Each set was then assembled into a box that we can then proudly display with the rest of the collection.


    We honestly couldn't be more excited to work with one of the worlds best Zombie Artists for our first project! Rob's work is known worldwide and has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and TV shows. You can purchase is art in many forms such as:

    Bicycle Playing Cards 




    Greeting Cards

    And most notably, Personalized Zombie Portraits!


    Shipping is a flat rate for Canada ($17.50) & USA ($22.50) for any size order. Please inquire if you are outside of North America for invoice requesting. We do ship worldwide but need to calculate shipping costs beforehand! Games will only work on NTSC consoles! Packages will be mailed out within 1 week of payment.


    There will only be 1000 of these bundles available for sale. Store locations will be receiving 600 units with a launch date of September 4th, 5th and 6th. At the end of the weekend, any that are unsold in store locations will be collected and put with the remaining 400 to be sold online September 7th and onward!